Providing feedback on draft assessment and rating reports

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Providing feedback on draft assessment and rating reports

04 March 2019

Submitting feedback to us about your service’s draft assessment and rating report gives you, the approved provider, an opportunity to comment on its accuracy or to submit additional evidence. 

Feedback or additional information must be provided within 10 working days of the draft report being issued.

Key factors to maximise the feedback opportunity:

  • Submit evidence not already seen, presented or considered.
  • Only submit evidence of aspects that were in place at the time of your assessment and rating visit. Developments or improvements implemented after the visit cannot be included.
  • Provide succinct and factual information that shows how your service met a particular element or was Meeting or Exceeding the standard.
  • Read your assessment and rating report alongside the Guide to the National Quality Framework (particularly section 3). This will ensure you have the best understanding of what you want to demonstrate and that evidence is applicable to the feedback you provide.
  • Submit your feedback or additional evidence via the NQA IT System portal within 10 working days.

Feedback is most effective when it is evidence-based. Complaints or comments about the assessment and rating process should not be provided through feedback.

If no feedback is received during the 10-day period, your report is considered final.

We are currently reviewing how we respond to feedback about the draft report to better help approved providers and services understand how it is assessed and how this may or may not affect the rating.